"Ace Attorney is a series of visual novel adventure video games developed by Capcom. With storytelling fashioned after legal dramas, the first entry in the series, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, was released in 2001; since then, five further main series games, as well as various spin-offs, prequels and high-definition remasters for newer game consoles, have been released. Additionally, the series has seen adaptations in the form of a live-action film and an anime, and has been the base for manga series, drama CDs, musicals and stage plays." -Wikipedia page for Ace Attorney

Welcome to the Ace Attorney Archive! This site is meant to archive all (Or as much as possible) media and things relating to Capcoms "Ace Attorney" series. This site is not spoiler free, and assumes you have played all the games in the series.

Ace Attorney, otherwise known as "Gyakuten Saiban" (Meaning "Turnabout Trial") started off originally only in Japan on the Gameboy Advance in 2001. And then recieved ports to the Nintendo DS in 2005 and was also officially translated for English audiences. Since then, the series has various new additions, spin-offs, and other media. Which this site hopes to archive!

The website was founded on Jan 30th 2021, and has become more active as of Sep 12th 2022. It is maintained currently by one admin, Beau. We are always looking for contributors or help with the site, for more information please check the "Contributors" page!